all funny, zero regrets
Trollop and unrepentant sinner who peddles liquor and chain, basically, LOVE HER!
— author Heath Diehl

Lori Graves

From southern Ohio Lori Graves started comedy on a drunken dare.

She entered some amateur contests at a couple clubs and (gasp) won. It was then she realized, at 37, what she wanted to be when she grew up...a comedian. 

Lori has worked with many nationally touring comics over the last nine years. She has performed in various venues throughout the country and one did a nerve-wracking set for the most critical audience ever at the Apollo Theater…a group of children ages 10-16. Finding humor in living life as a single, 46 year old woman she tells tales everyone can realate to while discovering the only differences between single 20’s and single 40’s are the intensity of the hangovers.

Lori works USO events throughout the year and she is on all social media outlets. 

You catch her on Pandora and Spotify, performing throughout the Midwest, or read her entertainment column that is published in a USA Today publication.

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"She is a story teller, a bringer of happiness, and hard working woman. More than just a bartender, and more than just an entertainer. She is all these things, and I doubt she will ever stop being her to please anyone."

- author/photographer Michael Warth



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